Artist Bio

Personal Feel; “Art is Life and life is Art” some of us have a Soul Urge which takes many shapes within our human experience. If not addressed and exercised the natural artist loses courage, becomes critical and dissipates into the shadows yet behind the shadows the urge remains. Like a fish caught on the shore, without water, it dies a slow death. As does the artist without expression.

The perceptions of men are influenced by days gone by and life experiences for better or worse. We often take art for granted and yet it’s influence unfolds in our daily lives. Without any conscious awareness or recognition, art influences our decisions our actions and the way we relate to and view each other.

Beautiful and intrinsic, horrifying and curiously consuming art is the sometimes subtle or not so subtle, creation of personal and sometimes profound expression that seeps into our psyche and surrounds us each day. Whether in the office, at home or in our travels, art influences our lives. Art is and will always be part of the human landscape. In essence we are all artists creating our unique and personal portrait of life.

As a being of strong, deep emotions and sensations I need a creative outlet for expression. A long way from the fearlessness of childhood expression, I am critical of myself, yet fascinated with colour and abstract design. So, I dabble, using mixed media on multiple surfaces, where I feel most at home.

When all is said and done, the only greatness in life is to be free of labels that exploit and trap us into the critical encumbrances that inhibit true individuality and expression.