Artist Bio

I am a late life, autodidact novice, using mixed media in the creation of abstract surface art

My art are reflections of my inner world put to canvass and other surfaces using various mediums.

I use many forms of medium, Paint, ink, plastics, wood, charcoal, pencil.
My journey is a self exploration through art and photography…Life is a canvass of colourful expressions.

I’m currently located in Ontario, Canada, with the hope and plan to relocate to warmer more comfortable climes.

I could really use some support with supplies. If you see something here you like and would like to provide support me through exposure or donations of supplies or finances, all are appreciated to move me to the next level.

You can help with a donation of any amount via my contact link, for mailing and through E-Transfer at for monetary donations.

Thank you so much for your support


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