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A Bit About Me and What Art Means to Me...

My interests in art began early in childhood when I needed some way to escape the daily abuse I faced in foster care. I needed something to get me through those days. Visual art, music, dancing, singing, comedic impersonations and writing were my life-lines.

Although I was eventually discourage from pursuing any kind of career in the arts; I had a longing within me that would not dissipate. And,for over 40 years, as some things fell away, I still yearned in silence to draw, paint write, and photograph. Each passing year I became more self conscious and insecure about ever endeavoring a journey back to the world of art which meant so much to me.

Finally, I am back with all my desire and insecurities along with the idea of all that may be possible and lay quietly within the depths of my psyche. I Designed my Logo for this site and business cards and other ventures I am currently pursuing. I wanted to show through my Logo, that I’m serious about my urge to express myself through artistic mediums.

I’m ready to begin this journey and explore the joy’s and pitfalls of artistic creation and being able to immerse myself into various forms of creativity for which the only limits are my imagination. Whether it be painting, drawing, photography or writing, there is no ending to what one may create.

I hope on this new adventure the doors to my imagination will open, and inspire your imagination, stir your fantasies, disrupt your logic, evoke emotions, and stimulate ideas, and thoughts within your individual psyche.

All donations and inquiries are received with Gratitude. Thank you!

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