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One of the most magnificent experiences one may encounter and too many do not is; Meeting that person, who makes your world suddenly stand still in time. Whose arms feel as though you have felt and lived your dream.

The Muses 6:11:19

“Sometimes Art needs to be seen, not heard
Because some art has no words”
The Muse 2:1:2019

I AM never alone
Free to be me
Without approval
The Muse 2:27:19

If you think your shit doesn’t stink
Just ask someone else to smell it!  
The Muse 2017

One hundred blankets of lies
Cannot change the truth
They are meant to hide  
The Muse 1976

Trust no one
Be kind to all
The Muse 2008

Today’s a new day
The past is gone
I pick up the truth
Of my life…
Carry them like a sword
And move on 
The Muse 2016

No matter how many hats you wear
There’s only one you!
The Muse 2010

Whether your relationship is; Committed, open, casual, long or short term. Whether for; 1 day, 1 year, 1 lifetime…it will only reflect the respect, quality and value you invest to it. Every relationship, deserves, high quality interaction and communication. Create relationships with high value.
The Muse 2019

Sometimes we are the Muse and sometimes the Nemeses
The Muse 03/27/2019

The world doesn’t need to change. People do
The Muse 2017

We were all created to enjoy the pleasures that the earth had to offer…So what happened?
The muse 2016

Since when does an artist become a whore to public opinion and sell his soul to the dictates of an agenda?

The Muse 5/8/19

Which do you aspire to…Live and Let Live and bear the consequence, or Control through the dictates of Political Correctness?

The Muse 5/8/19

Really…how does one find, a relationship?
Is it hiding somewhere?

The Muse 2019

The Ego has but one purpose…do you know?

The Muse 5/11/19

The gossip is an enemy worse than the plague always to injure others. Look deeply into the one who gossips to you.

The Muse 5/12/2019

Stuffing pain down inside, will only give it roots to grow

The Muse 5/16/19

Guilt is useless baggage that serves to weigh us down and change nothing

The Muse 5/16/19

What is a life without a few spots of colour on it?

The Muse 5/17/19

Some people love drama but are really bad actors. Yet somehow they manage to gather people around them who become a loyal audience to their verbal drama and never witness an event?

The Muse 5/17/19

The more you rely upon fitting in…the more of your truth and nature you are required to give up.

The Muse 5/23/19

This morning I thought about some of you and realized, if you died today, I wouldn’t care.

The Muse 5/23/19

If it doesn’t feel good on more than one occasion, cut it loose.

The Muse 5/27/19

Know when someone is abusing their place with you. Listen carefully, to what may be, a truthful observation or coercion to fulfill an agenda.

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