The past year has been very difficult on everyone. Yet, we all know that it is the most common people who are being affected the most by this lock-down. Families, children low wage earners etc. Anyone who has a real interest in Art, knows how expensive art supplies and website maintenance can be. A good website takes time and regular updates with additions to content in order to keep viewers returning. With limitations on employment and restrictions of going out it’s difficult to earn any income or replenish supplies. I could really use a little help in these areas.

When it comes to Art and Photography, content can be stalled or die without proper supplies, so, I have created this page for those who take and interest in Art and would like to somehow participate seeing the evolution and growth of my content in the coming months. All donations are gratefully appreciated and can be made VIA E-Transfer to

Questions? Don’t hesitate to Contact me. I’ll respond within 24 hours.

Thank you so much in advance, for your interest and donations